“What My Fictional Character Abigail Clemmons and Selena Gomez Have in Common”

 “What Fictional Character Abigail Clemmons and Selena Gomez Have in Common”

Jady Davis
Credit : Chuck Arlund

My name is Jady Davis, the author of “The Adventures of Abigail Clemmons.” As someone with a serious rare disease, I never settled for my circumstance. I always pushed my limits, but there were still things I couldn’t do the same way. I’ve always dreamed what it would be like to write, sing, or create for an audience. I’ve always pondered the highs, as well as the pain I would have to face to become a creator, author, singer. I’ve always wanted to inspire others to be strong through my talents. Imagination, and the prospect of completion, is magical to me when life is bitter.

Still, I’m only human and I do get down about my circumstances. When I do, I look to Selena Gomez, who found time to produce five singles in 2017. The same year of a kidney transplant and a continuous battle fighting a giant monster called Lupus. I watch her composure on stage and on the red carpet. Her choices of fashion are her own and they fit her perfectly. Her testimony in front of thousands at Hillsong Church proves she doesn’t care what others think.


Disney | ABC Television Group  /  “Selena Gomez, 2017 American Music Awards”  19 Nov 2017. Online Image. Flickr. 23 Mar 2018

Simply put, as an author and young woman, I’m inspired. My fictional character Abigail Clemmons has a similarly infectious, beautiful, and fiery spirit as Selena. Her eyes light up a dull room when she laughs, like Selena’s. And much like Selena Gomez’s superfans that have been self-dubbed “Selenators”, fictitiously, an entire sea of fans side with Abigail on the internet.

As a reader and an observer, I live on autopilot and through social media celebrities and Hollywood starlets. I want everything they have, I want it all, but it seems impossible to get from Ronald McDonald to Cardi B.

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I know everyone has trials in life, each and every one of us. We fall and it’s like taking two steps back to the pits of a line behind 8 billion people in the world.  In Abigail, I wanted to create a character who stands out against all odds and decides to jump headfirst into the beginnings of her fame journey. She does it without connections, knowledge, or, most importantly, health.

While Abigail Clemmons is struggling to make a mark just like the rest of us, her health takes a hit with Encephalitis, a rare autoimmune disease where her brain attacks her body.  The pain is excruciating; personality changes; life explodes.

Dodging the grim reaper becomes a desensitized adventure.

I wanted to bask in the faith, chance, and destiny of a character who wants everything and actually gets there, but I couldn’t find one like me. So, I created her, my own Selena Gomez. But just like the Brothers Grimm Little Mermaid, every inch of progress is like stepping on knives and glass. The Selena Gomez’s and Lady GaGa’s of the world have an uphill journey when it comes to balancing fame, trials, and health flux. I wouldn’t wish my health journey on anyone, but with Abigail Clemmons, it might make an interesting story.






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