Chapter Two – All I Want Is U

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Track Two: All I Want Is U

By: Jady Davis





Abigail crashed on her bed and for a moment the clouds painted on the ceiling circled like dizzy stars. It must had been the way she jumped in on it or maybe her restless thoughts. Though Lolly used Jon up, Abigail still wanted him. That didn’t sit well with her mind, but it was a ‘so what’ situation when it came to the heart. Abigail heard the bedroom door unlock and it sounded suspicious, but then she heard the laugh of her sister Nai. She walked down the steps and greeted her family, and realized that it was morning. She had slept through dinner and the night.

“Pumpkin what’s wrong?” Her mom asked.

“I have a headache.”

“What kind of headache? Honey, I’m taking you to the doctor. You haven’t necessarily been yourself, lately.”

“I know,” wailed Abigail, “But I want to go to school. It’s fine, really.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yea.” Abigail moderated her voice and demeanor.

Part of her wanted to make a fort forever underneath the covers, but she and Lolly weren’t in all of the same classes anyway. School would be a good distraction. Abigail cleaned up her tired face with some light makeup, put on a pretty navy dress with daisies, threw on her backpack, and headed out the door. She decided to sit somewhere else on the bus other than next to Lolly. Lolly didn’t seem to care. The ride to school was daunting. Abigail needed to expand her circle. But where? There’s the classic popular aesthetic that she doesn’t fit into. The weirdos, and the sexually active, but then there were the stragglers, a few emos, a troop of drama geeks. Some are pretty cool. Maybe, she could befriend on of them.

So what, I can do it alone, Abigail thought, but she knew better.

They entered the tall white brick fortress in loose formation as the security guard says, “One at a time!” to go through the school’s metal detector. Once inside, Abigail went to her locker to put her books away. Lolly’s locker was five doors down. One of the girls from math class bended down and wrote four letters in sharpie on Lolly’s locker, S-L-U-T.

“Hey! Get out of here, whore.” Abigail yelled and threw a book at her. She missed but it made the vandal run away. Lolly had been standing behind Abigail. She gave Abigail a friendly smirk and frowned at her locker. “It’s not that bad,” comforted Abigail, “It could be an acronym, the letter S stands for–”

“Shut up. I’m not in the mood,” Lolly’s head hanged leaning against the locker speechless. Lolly almost always knew what to say and how to respond. She must have been really hurt.

“Okay,” Abigail drops the brief conversation.

Then just like that, the switch flipped and Lolly began to strut and greet like nothing ever happened. The bell rang so Abigail went to first period, Art class. She loved the organized mess of art supplies and the piercing, wonderful smell of clay. Abigail enjoyed getting her hands dirty in chalky pastels and erasing her pencils to the stubs. Today, she was not in the mood and she didn’t really know why.

Sitting down had never been a problem for Abigail. If she didn’t feel like sitting in class she’d make up a fantasy or daydream about what it would be like to be a successful pop star. She’d buy anything, maybe a unicorn! And she wouldn’t have to answer to people like Lolly ever again. Abigail could be the one to use the friendship garbage disposal. Suddenly, a sharp shooting pain went up her knee, “Ow!” she squealed as her knee hit the underside of the desk, hard.

“Abigail, are you ok?” asked the teacher.

“I’m fine, Ms. Simmons may I go to the Nurse’s office? I’m in a little bit of pain.”

“Sure thing, Abigail.”

Abigail tried not to cry as she has never really felt something like this before. Ms. Simmons gave her a red Nurse’s slip to the office. While she walked towards the end of the hall she saw the most glorious person sitting in his car. Jon. Abigail ran to her locker and broke out her phone.




Abigail saw Jon sweet talking to the security guard at the gate of the school’s property. It was obvious from all the way in the school that he’d been out there for a while. He finally pulled his car up to the school and started to head towards the door so Abigail moved closer around the corner to see how on earth he was going to break her out.

“Son, you can’t come in here.”

Jon waved at the front desk and the head secretary waved back profusely.

“Bill, let the boy in. He was homecoming king last year.”

Jon pushed back his ringlets and flashed a winning smile. The way he looked so innocently at the guard, you wouldn’t have ever known he was beyond breaking the rules. Something about that didn’t sit well with Abigail and something about it made her heart skip even more.

“Hi, Ms. Kate, how are you?” Jon asked propping the door open. “Just come inside,” the guard said sternly. Jon nodded at him winking at Abigail, who was peaking around the corner. John nodded toward the opening as he stood between the guard and his line of site with Abigail and the door. Abigail took a deep breath and dodged past the security guard and flew through the door.

“Hey, come back here!” Jon staged his response as she ran past the second set of doors.

“You did this!” yelled the guard as Jon flashed his pearly whites at the faculty.

“Me? No,” said Jon. Abigail could hear the smile in his voice.

“Jon honey, was that Abigail Clemmons?” asked the secretary.

“Yes, ma’am I would write her up given the chance,” Jon managed a grimace, but he wanted to burst into a cackle.

“Thank you, Jon,” the secretary nodded her head, pleased with her star pupil.

“Have a nice day, Ms. Kate,” Jon tipped his baseball hat and gave the guard a patronizing glare.

“Breaking you out almost cost me my reputation,” said Jon, “That was not the plan.”

“Then, what was the plan?” Jon and Abigail locked eyes for a second. Jon looked away.

“Well, I guess I’m your chauffer. Lolly took her time enough. See her in the window right there?” Abigail couldn’t turn her head. She knew that Lolly saw her. “After this stint, she’s stuck at school. Didn’t think about that. Your Dad, Mr. Peter would hang me round’ my neck if he found out you skipped.”
“Lolly?”asked Abigail even though she knew the answer.

“Lolly and I have a whatever. We haven’t really called it anything.” Jon tried to act nonchalant.

“You ever skip?” asked Abigail.

“Me? Never.” Jon mischievously flashed that heart-warming smile again. Abigail’s heart nearly stopped.

Jon pulled his eyes away to keep his eyes on the road.

“Leaving that hell hole was awesome. Let’s go to Waffle House to celebrate.” Abigail laughed, adrenaline pumping in her chest.

They laughed together for the first time. Abigail liked that sound.

Waffle Houses are the same in every state, every city, and every town– even Snellville, GA. Some bathrooms are just cleaner than others. That ugly yellow sign is a staple for the best waffles on the cheap.

“We’ll get some food in ya.”

As they walked into Waffle House Abigail felt like royalty with the hometown superstar.

“I always sit at the last table on the left by the window,” Jon told Abigail.

“Let’s do it.” Abigail started to get really dizzy. She sat down and an ear worm of an Aerosmith song kept playing in her headspace. She tried to get it out but it started blaring even louder. “What do you want, I’ll pay.” Jon said and patted Abigail on the back.

“I don’t know.” said Abigail. The menu morphed and the letters began to spell out words in script that couldn’t be on the menu,


You love Jon.


Abigail hopped up from her seat for a moment as the menu appeared just as it probably was the whole time, normal. Jon shuffled his Nikes on the dirty brown tiled floor, “Abigail, seriously, you ok?”

“Yes, um, actually I dunno. I’ll try a waffle with rainbows peaaaaaa….se.” Her please came out garbled and she sounded like she had a lisp.  Jon reached out and snatched her wrist.


“Your pulse is racing!” Jon said, gripping her wrist tighter. “I don’t think you’re okay. You’re scaring me.”


“I just have a peach. That’s all.” Abigail couldn’t understand why the wrong word came out, but nothing was going to mess with her date with Jon.


“A peach?” Jon eyed her suspiciously. “Low blood sugar?” The world went black for two seconds, but then Jon was just sitting in front her still. Mostly normal, except her was wearing a black tuxedo with a pink bowtie. Was he wearing a tuxedo a second ago? The Waffle House grew darker than the brown bricks on the wall. Jon was in the spotlight, literally.

Waffle House at 5am
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“Jon, can I ask you a question?” Abigail sighs out loud at how fresh he looks.


“Si mi Amore.” He winked at Abigail. Abigail looked out the big window of the restaurant to watch the pedestrians bustling the busy downtown location and then looked down at her red dress from Gypsy Blush. It sparkled with the night. The moon hung bright and high overhead, making the women in evening cocktail dresses look like fairies.

Wait? Why is it night? Abigail thought, but she shook her gut feelings. Jon had just called her his amore. “Do you love me?” she asked. Abigail couldn’t believe those words came out of her mouth. She covered it with her hand and then giggled. Jon didn’t say anything, but kept a steady gaze into her eyes. He didn’t move an inch.

Abigail froze like a statue as she heard the deafening sound of wood engraving hearts into the wooden table.

“I am madly in love with you.” Jon grabbed her hand and leaned in for a smoldering kiss and everything in Abigail’s body fell to pieces in a really good way.

The world started getting hazy again, then black. Abigail blinked again. A car speeding by drew her attention outside, where the sun blazed high in the sky.

“Love you?” Jon sat on his side of the booth. “Um? Abigail? What’s going on?”

Abigail leaned in for a kiss and Jon let her not really understanding the magnitude of what was going on. She kissed him, and he tried not to let her into his mouth. But Abigail’s world had blacked out again, and she was sitting next to Jon, and he was kissing her back passionately.

“Abigail stop!” Jon grabbed her arms gently and pushed her on her side of the table. What is going on with you?”

Abigail stopped for a moment. “Jon, you’re so full of…ow!”

“I’m full of ow?” Jon grabbed her wrists again. “Something is really wrong. We’re getting you home.”

Abigail shrieked and convulsed in front of his eyes. Jon froze. The whole restaurant went quiet as the manager came to the rescue.

“Text her parents.” Jon tried to gain control of his limbs a little more. He didn’t have her parents number, so he dug through Abigail’s purse and found hers.





Her parents arrived just in time to talk to the paramedics. Jon saw them and sprinted to the car. He didn’t know how to react in a situation like this so he bolted.

“Jon, wait!” Abigail’s mom called out while his daughter was put on a cart.

“Michelle, go home.”  Abigail’s dad Peter tried to comfort his wife, but had no choice but to hop in the ambulance with Abigail.

“She’s breathing on her own, but she is not mentally responding,” said the first respondent.

Jon drove faster and faster. He couldn’t believe what he just witnessed. What was wrong with Abigail? He got a text from Lolly to pick her up, but he ignored it. He knew she’d probably make today all about her and he needed some down time. When Jon got home to his trailer park mobile home, no one was home, as usual. His mom worked two shifts doing customer service for AT&T six days a week. He plopped down on a beanbag as a roach crawls up the side of his TV antennae.

He lived with his mom check to check by choice after the divorce. His Dad lived down the street next to Abigail in a million-dollar mansion with a brand-new family. That made Jon angry enough to kill. At least, his Dad paid for his schooling. Deadbeat. It’s a classic blended sandwich of a family. He hated his twenty -nine-year-old step mom. She hated him. Contrary to what the rest of the town believed, he was actually not that cheery. He hated just about everything …except Lolly. Lolly was as deranged and broken as him. They used each other. That was a good thing, right?

He hammered his Nintendo 64 remote control and thought about Abigail, as well. He pondered the first time on the yellow slide where they met up until now. He had never thought he cared that much.  He had never had more than a passing thought about her. Horrifically, that kiss wasn’t too bad.

“Abigail’s not Lolly. Abigail is actually good through and through,” he thought, “I would just mess her up.”




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