Top Five Songs in the Abigail Clemmons Playlist

Top Five Songs in the Abigail Clemmons Playlist




  1. Real Friends – Camila Cabello
  2. Love on The Brain – Rihanna
  3. Friends – Marshmello & Anne-Marie
  4. This is me – Keala Settle & the “Greatest Showman” Ensemble
  5. All I Want Is You – Jady


I tend to stick to the basic musical structure of my childhood. Though, I like to keep up with the top charted 100, I don’t always listen to it on the daily like someone who is younger. These are my favorite songs actually in my playlist I use while writing my novel blog. It also shares a great part of the current teen queendom (with the exception of my song). No promo here. #DifferentShines


  1. “Real Friends” – Camila Cabello


“Real Friends” by the “Fifth Harmony” alum is a great track about the lonely heart in the search for loyal companionship. Camila’s falsetto in “Real Friends” is as beautiful as the emotion she conveys.  Everyone feels like they can’t find a friend sometimes and I think this particular dynamic is evident in the first chapter of The Adventures of Abigail Clemmons. In the opening, Abigail is in a toxic friendship with Lolly. She has few people she feels she can talk to and very little peers her age that she hangs out with. It seems Abigail isolates herself time and time again until her health takes a turn for the worst. Luckily, for her and for us that’s far from the end of her story.



  1. “Love on The Brain” – Rihanna


This song is the perfect anthem for how Abigail feels about her all-time crush Jon Stone. She’s infatuated and a little obsessed. The vocal strength that Rihanna executes in “Love on The Brain” is unlike anything I’ve ever heard from her. It’s not really a pop song, but old skool R&B breaking ceilings in the market because of her association.

I’m glad I heard her version and all of the pop stars that have ended up posting their own rendition.


See Kelly Clarkson’s here:


  1. “Friends” – Marshmello & Anne – Marie


Do you believe in magic? For me, going viral is the closest thing. This song is so popular with the Z generation – iGen, builders, or whatever you want to call high school and young college students –  it boggles my brain. is full of sign language, handwritten notes, and lip-syncing to this highly addictive song. I think this definitely sums up Jon’s point of view. Though, he has a soft spot for Abigail most of his drive to be around her comes from curiosity.



  1. “This is Me” – Keala Settle & “The Greatest Showman” Ensemble (from “The Greatest Showman” Motion Picture)


This song might as well be the new National Anthem for America’s dreamers and maybe the United States period. As an author, there is so much inspiration that comes from being different. To me, it gives us more to look at and makes life interesting. If you’re looking close enough to the misfits & the marginalized, different is actually beautiful. There’s a reason beyond awareness that Abigail has challenges. The faster we can come to grips as a society that our differences shine, the closer we get to a more peaceful existence. #DifferentShines



  1. “All I Want Is U- Jady Davis


I’ll spare you a synopsis if you watch the video. Be thinking about this song when you read the next chapter, though.

















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