Hi! My name is Jady. I’m the Author of this website and I’m over the moon that you are here.

I’m 26 years old.

I live in Birmingham, Alabama. It’s like living in an old black and white twilight zone and a progressive boho millennial hub all at the same time. I love where I’ve been planted and look forward to growing more everyday.

This blog is about hope. It includes inspiration, fashion, lifestyle and anything featuring glimpses of my world.

It also includes a serial novel that is (very) loosely based on my journey. It is based more on my dreams for a better life. This blog is all about persevering through all of the hard things life throws at you, learning from your mistakes, and emerging victorious.

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I live to encourage and inspire others. I hope you find this book and blog a safe place. I am also a pre- cancerous limbic encephalitis survivor. #iminalotofpain I’m  committed to raising awareness.

More about me:

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Sit back, grab a sip, and be entertained. As of 2018, I will be posting  at least bi-weekly, regularly on Fridays. If that changes you will be the first to know.